As Covid-19 restrictions begin to ease and a lot of South Africa is getting back to the way it used to be, we consider the realm of possibilities ahead of us with some of our best returning to school tips


At Peak Academy Cape Town, we have shifted our whole Academy onto Peak Online at the beginning of Level 5 lockdown, which has worked way better for us than we could have ever expected. So why not stay online? Well, in the many possibilities that we have been presented to us, the questions and thoughts all come down to staying online but entering the building when needs are and mainly for assessments.


In saying this, all students, when entering the building at any time for assessments need to follow very strict guidelines to ensure the safety of our staff members, themselves as well as their families.


In order to do this, we have put together some of our best returning to school tips for you:


Tip 1: Wear your mask.


It is not even a question as to whether masks should be worn at all times – we know very well that it is not comfortable, but safety always comes first.


Tip 2: Know if your mask is effective


A tip and a fun fact, to know if your mask if effective, try blow out a lit matchstick through your mask. If you can, your mask is ineffective. This is a really handy returning to school tips trick.

Tip 3: Keep your distance from others


We all want to run up and hug our friends after not seeing them for a long time, and we know that social distancing has been particularly challenging for adolescents and teens who thrive on social connections. We highly encourage our students to keep a distance of 1.5 meters minimum from others to avoid any chance of spreading the virus.

Tip 4: Wash and sanitise your hands


Washing your hands with soap and water is the best and most effective way to get rid of germs, however, using 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer in between can help kill and decrease the amount the germs too.


There have been many questions raised as to how often to wash/sanitize hands. Well, we highly encourage our students to wash/sanitize hands for at least 20 seconds every hour to ensure all germs are killed and cannot be spread.

Tip 5: Sneeze or cough into your elbow


A sneeze can reach people that are over a meter away, which is why sneezing and coughing into your elbow is of utter importance. In saying this, we urge all students to not greet each other with an elbow “shake.”


Tip 6: Don’t touch your face


As we all know, the virus is extremely contagious and spreads faster than wildfire, so by touching your face with unwashed hands puts you at more risk of catching the virus.


Tip 7: Don’t rearrange the seating


All seating arrangements will be different. Please do not move your chairs and tables to be closer to your friends. Once all students are seated, the movement will be very limited.


Tip 8: Don’t borrow stationary


We are all well aware that it is a very popular habit for students to forget stationary, however in times like these, forgetting stationary is not an option. This is our last, and probably most easily overlooked and forgotten of our returning to school tips.


All students, when entering the building, will have their temperatures taken, will have to sanitize their hands and will have to fill out their details to ensure that, in the event of a student bringing in the virus, we will be covered and can try prevent the spread of it as much as we can. All students need to remember to think before they act. There is a new normal.


From our side, although it won’t be a full transition back to the building we will make sure that there is constant and clear communication and planning to reduce anxiety around the process for everyone. All tutors will try their best to ensure that the learning structures will be as ‘normal’ school experience as possible for our students.