What makes Peak different and unique? Well, out of the many things, what we have done here at Peak is we have created 3 different study Routes and today we focus on The Blue Route, which is a South African bachelors Pass.


The objective behind creating these was to create something that students and parents could look at as a package and to tailor-make it to apply to each student so that in essence it fits students the way they want and need it to.


This way, we have given our students the choice of a study route as well as the subjects that are offered within that Route in whichever combination the student feels fits them best.


At Peak (both Peak Online and Peak Academy), we have a large focus on individuality and uniqueness, and by allowing the students to have a choice in what subjects they take, we are living up to not only our own standards but the students too.


The first Route that we will introduce into this month of insights is The Blue Route. This Route covers a South African exemption, or better known as a Bachelor’s Pass and has been specifically designed for the students who wish to go to a South African University. Within The Blue Route, students are required to do 6 GCSE subjects, and of those 6 subjects, students are required to take 4 to the AS level. The compulsory subjects in this Route are English, a second language and mathematics.


The good news is that when we talk about a second language that is needed, we are not only talking about Afrikaans. Previously we have had a student that has taken and written Mandarin, and with no help besides the syllabus we provided, this student managed to get an A. This is a great example of the work dedication that we encourage our students to have.


Students need to be very disciplined and motivated and have a good foundation to move forward. It is important to note that Universities do look for a second language (any second language). The great news with this is that students now have choices in furthering their education too. Currently, we have students taking Dutch, German and Italian as a second language, to name a few.


If you are a student are wanting to go into the sciences and the business world, this Route caters for you quite well. It is very important to note that students that opt for The Blue Route have to get between an A and a C with C being the minimum a student can get for this Route.